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We are Reimagining the way Bharat works


Our Vision

Empower people to help them achieve their true potential.

Our Mission

Formalize the informal workforce,

and fuel MSME growth engine by digitizing their interactions.

Our Story

We believe that people can achieve anything with right set of tools & mindset. This is the reason we've started this company to provide the supporting mechanism to the businesses and workers. We want to fuel their growth with our ecosystem.

AayWorks is taking a fresh view on hiring in India. We want to empower the MSMEs by providing a unified platform which is unbiased & skill-first and enables them to connect with workers directly with trust & transparency.

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Our Goals

  • Create a world-class product for "आम जनता" of Bharat.

  • Use technology to drive the best outcomes for the people.

  • Build the best product in terms of quality, user experience, and usability.


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