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10 effective ways to recruit Blue collar Workers

One would agree that things post covid are finally returning to normalcy. In fact, with the introduction of several schemes and initiatives by the government of India, the MSME sector is bound to grow even more. This, of course, is a very good news for businesses. However, there is a question that you need to be asking as a business employer: how are you going to get the right talent onboarded for your work?

If you were to look at the statistics of the current number of blue collar workers in India, it is somewhere around 50 crore. This will definitely grow as more work is created in sectors including construction and real estate, manufacturing and utilities, retail, e-commerce, and transportation and logistics. Although the number of people is more than sufficient, the real challenge is finding the right talent at the right time.

Now this can be certainly overwhelming considering the growing competition. But worry not because we are here to share some key things that can be part of your business strategy when it comes to hiring and onboarding the workforce.

Basics first

Before we get to the strategies, let us just quickly discuss what does hiring strategy even means and why does your business need it in the first place. In simple terms, a hiring strategy is a plan of action that you and your team have in order to get the best people working for the requirements you have. This plan of action includes what kind of workforce you want to hire, what skills they will need, and finally how you will connect with them.

Now, whether you are a new startup or have been in the business for some time, having the right hiring strategy plays an important role in the success of the company. Only when you have the right people can you get the right things executed at the right time. Without further delay, let us see what are some strategies you can consider -

  1. Digital sources besides offline sources to hire - With digitization becoming an integral part of nearly every field, it becomes important for you to make use of digital portals where you can find and hire workers as per the requirements. As of now, there is a wide array of options when it comes to digital portals for connecting with the blue collar workers. Having said that, do try to use platforms where you can get all - in - one services if possible (from screening to hiring and managing to settling payouts). AayWorks for instance, is one such platform where all this is taken care of in a hassle-free way.

  2. Give a chance to workers with less experience yet the ability to learn fast - In order to get the best people onboarded to your team, it is often thought that those with experience will be the right fit since they already have knowledge of how things work inside and out. While that is true to an extent, giving a chance to those who may be just starting their career but have that ability to grasp new things can actually be beneficial to your business. The reason is that they may be able to work in an even more creative manner, which, as you know, can lead to innovation.

  3. Use digital tools for screening of profiles - One of the most important steps in getting the right talent in your team is screening. This step cannot be skipped for sure. Thanks to technology, you can carry out this process in a quick and effective manner. As mentioned earlier, there are digital platforms that can help you quickly and accurately verify their background as well as do other kinds of verifications such as related to skills, education and other. At AayWorks for example, the workers who onboard have to do their identity verification using ID such as Aadhaar or Driver License before they can accept job offers.

  4. Be clear about the job description and requirements - A really simple yet powerful way to increase the chances of attracting the right kind of people for the job is to do clear-cut job postings. From the job description to the requirements such as skill set, qualification and others, make sure that it is descriptive and to the point. Moreover, aim to frame the words in a way that it excites the one reading it and makes them feel like I need to be part of this mission. And yes, it is always a good idea to include the benefits that the potential employee will be getting by working with your business.

  5. Have referral programs - There is a saying you have probably heard- “the more, the better”. In this case, you can consider creating referral programs wherein you ask employees to share references of potential candidates and in turn provide some sort of incentives. This can do wonders at times because word of mouth is a powerful way to create trust. Speaking of referrals, you can also obviously just ask your employees if they know anyone who would be interested in the openings. That can work too.

  6. Highlight the key benefits of the role you are offering - The way businesses like yours have to choose from so many candidates for the limited roles, the same goes for the candidates. There are a lot of postings workers may be going through, which means that you need to make your postings stand out. One effective way to do this is by highlighting the key benefits one would receive if selected. These could be in terms of health, leaves and other criteria.

  7. Make it easy to apply - Keep things simple. This is something that your business must be striving to do when it comes to its operations. Therefore, ensure that you are making it easy for candidates to apply. To begin with, your online job postings need to be mobile friendly, since the number of mobile users is increasing as ever. Moving on, design your interview and assignments in a way that it is not too lengthy but does help you gain understanding of whether they are a right fit or not. You may also think about having various channels for applying. So, for example, it can include job portals, social media platforms, offline and so forth. Whatever you do, just keep it simple.

  8. Be kind to your candidates - Something which is instantly attractive is kindness. No matter which step of the hiring process you are in - screening or interviewing, you must make sure that you are exhibiting a kind attitude towards the candidate(s). Whether they are a good fit or not, this will set a good impression for your business as it reflects the work culture that you have and practice. Some ways in which you can be kind is by being on time when it comes to the interviews, speaking gently throughout the interview, being understanding when a worker is late for the interview due to a genuine reason, and informing those candidates who couldn’t get the job role.

  9. Re-hire those whom you have worked with in the past - The fact that you may have to go through a huge list of applications before nailing down on one can be quite overwhelming in some situations. One very simple reason for this is that even if you find a good fit, there is going to be a certain amount of time and other costs involved in getting them up to the mark. To reduce this to an extent, one thing you can do is to get in touch with previous employees. This way you wouldn't have to spend too much time helping them onboard and can just focus on getting them to the main work.

  10. Attend networking events - In the list of strategies that you can implement when it comes to hiring, here is the last one we have for you. Try to attend different kinds of networking events related to your industry. By doing this, you will come across some other businesses who may give you reference on whom to hire, or you may even come across professionals who may just be the right one for your job.


The number of strategies we have shared with you in this article do not end here, of course. There is always something new coming out that you can try in order to hire the right fit at the right time. The important thing is to keep an eye on how the existing ways are working for you and where you can improve.

Are you looking for a platform where you can hire a qualified workforce and get much more? AayWorks is a platform where not only can you hire in a hassle-free way but also avail other services such as tracking of employees, managing of jobs and a lot more.

Download the app now to and reimagine hiring for your business -

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