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AayWorks Journey so far!

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

19th June 2021 marks our first anniversary!

We are excited to share all the challenges and milestones we have achieved over the past year. How the company came into being from a passing thought to a concrete idea and finally to the creation of an app for Bharat. Here’s a run through of our story!

Our founder, Ankit Jain, has worked in a number of multinational companies during his professional career across India. During his time in Mumbai, he tried to get a wall fixed in his apartment and faced major challenges in reaching out to the workforce. There was no easy way to verify the credentials of any worker who were available. Finally, after getting a worker, the actual tracking of work along with the quality was not there. This provoked a thought to explore how this process works and if it can be made simpler with technology.

Belonging to a business family, he often came face to face with the problems in the industry like skilled workforce hiring and lack of verification to name a few. He realized the challenges that existed for MSMEs and sparked many brainstorming sessions between him and Yash, the co-founder of the company.

They recognized the vast fragmentation in this market and decided to solve it using technology, seeing the current boom of digitization in India.

Market researches through surveys and interviews engulfed the next few months for the founders. They reached out to approx. 50-70 MSMEs and over 2,500 workers to understand their requirements and problems. After collating all these responses, they saw a stark contrast in the way the formal and informal economy existed. They observed that this segment of the market has been vastly neglected.

The business model was refined in the following months, where a prototype was created and shared with a few users in November 2020. The product received a good response, which was a big driving force for the team to efficiently work on the wire framing, design and development of the app and website.

Along the way, we got recognized as a start-up by StartUpIndia and iStart, Rajasthan Government. We recently became an Authorised Requester with Digilocker to enable seamless verification of identity, skill and education documents on the app.

We aim to make AayWorks a world-class product for the "Aam Janta" of India.

A unified platform for MSMEs to hire and manage blue and grey collar workers. We will have the private beta ready soon for people to “Reimagine the way Bharat Works”.

Click on the link below to download our app now!

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