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Future of Aay Technology

In the last 33 months we have had hard learnings as a business. Here is what we've learned, how we are using this learning, and what is the way forward. This is a note for ourselves, as our core vision is the same, but the route will be different.

We learned that the blue & grey collar ecosystem is going to remain as it is (at least for some time) due to these 2 factors -

1. MSME employers are happy with the way things are as they don't have to manage workers as FTE, and they can squeeze the work out of them due to a contractor arrangement and if it is not working with a particular worker, the contractor can always replace them.

2. Workers do not have the required knowledge to do any task properly, hence they are also happy in working with contractors. In this case, they are not bound with the employer and can ask the contractor for a new job if they don't like anything with the employer. Obviously the churn problem is mainly because workers do not want to do the work properly, everyone wants more money but do not want to do the actual work. (sadly, this is true for at least 70-75% of workers)

Lastly, India being a low trust society, businesses are happy when they get a one-stop solution with the quality they desire. This is probably a reason why Quess and Teamlease have done so well in the market. Any marketplace with no skin in the game has a low chance of creating long term value (Ola, Uber in B2C) and it is especially true for B2B.

I think the smart move for us will be to diversify the business because as a company we still need to be able to survive. We still need to do a lot of things that we wanted to do, so I think the product has to be designed in making sure that we provide an end-to-end solution of specific hiring. And, I think it is high time that we realize that Indian mid-market does not have the money to be able to pay for such solutions. So we have to tap into the enterprise accounts, work with selected group of customers and on bigger specific deliverables, deliver them and make money. As simple as that.

Survive karna jaroori hai, ab jab entrepreneurship karne lag hi gaye hain to achhe se karte hai. Diversification chahiye to karte hain, but revenue aana jaroori hai.

So moving forward, AayWorks would be only doing two streams of revenues -

  1. Hiring Assistance

  2. Solution Partner Work.

For hiring assistance, we've focused ourselves on 2 roles - Sales and Telecallers. As we realized, there is a huge demand for both of these roles in any business and quality candidates are in short supply. We onboard workers, train them and then only refer them to the businesses, making sure that quality aspect is maintained. We think soft skills are a major missing piece in the Indian workforce, and we aim to bridge it starting with these two roles.

These roles would be anything in terms of sales, starting from business development to inside sales to field sales, account executives. For telecalling roles, these will be typically in customer services or outbound telecallers. The product essentially has to be designed in, keeping this in mind that we just have to onboard users, with the least type of filters, They should be able to specifically showcase what they are currently doing.

We have set up a team which is laser focused to help businesses in the hiring of these two profiles and have two enterprise clients to start the work with.

The second stream of revenue would be the solution partner work. Fortunately, I've worked on both enterprise hardware (Dell Technologies) and Software (Dynatrace) and have a decade's experience in selling technology. Now I am using this experience and delivering turnkey solutions for enterprises. We're partnering with industry leading OEMs and providing turnkey solutions. We already have a couple of opportunities in the pipeline for this.

Not only that, but we also have a team comprising people from Dell, HPE, Cisco, Nutanix, NetApp, VMware and one person with a hands-on Data Center setup and operations.

Our idea moving forward is to make sure that we focus on these individual streams of businesses and generate revenue. In both streams, the focus would be to serve a limited number of enterprises and work closely to deliver value.

India me B2B ka dhandha karna hai to enterprise me karo, Indian SMBs ke pass paisa nahin hai. Aur enterprises me quality work deliver karenge to accha paisa milega.

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