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How AayWorks can help your business

As the MSME sector in India is back on the growth track with the receding impact of Covid and introduction of several government policies and initiatives, AayWorks strives to contribute to this goal as well. How, you may ask? Let's get to it.

Released in December 2021, AayWorks strives to be a one-stop destination for all your needs related to hiring and managing your workforce on the go. Our team completely understands the challenges that can come when hiring and managing the blue collar workforce. Due to this, we have created the app in a way that these operations can be carried out in an easy and effective manner. So far, we have over 100 employers using our app to find and manage the best fit talent in Jaipur for the work.

Currently, our app will help you find the right talent for your business requirement(s) in the city of Jaipur. However, we are working on expanding to other cities in India so that you can leverage our services from there too. As for professional in which industry you can hire, here are the top ones:

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction & Infrastructure

  • Transportation & logistics

When it comes to the jobs that you can hire candidates for, the list includes:

  • Carpenter

  • Construction worker

  • Delivery

  • Driver

  • Customer service

  • Electrician

  • Engineer

  • Helper

  • Hotel worker

  • Logistic and supply chain

  • Manufacturing

  • Marketing

  • Receptionist

  • Sales

  • Security

  • Supervisor

  • Textile Worker

Current Services that we offer to you

In order to help your business hire and manage the right workforce in a hassle-free manner, here are the key services you can leverage:

  • Completely digitized solution

While the importance of technology has been around for a good time now, we all have seen it to increase after covid. As a matter of fact, using technology has become a need for so many of us. Keeping this in mind, we have created a completely digitized solution that can be accessed via mobile.

  • Hire verified talent

One of the common challenges that businesses face when hiring blue collar workers is being able to hire genuine candidates. Doing a background verification can take its own time and due to that, we show you verified profiles when you are booking. Just to elaborate, our app will verify the worker’s profile using the Aadhaar/driving license/voter ID details that they provide. Once verified, you can see the status of it when going through their profile.

  • Hire the most qualified talent

Another challenge that we are well aware that you may face is being able to shortlist from the list of candidates for a particular job. Reviewing each candidate’s profile and then selecting the best ones for the available vacancies can easily take up a lot of time. To help you with that, we have leveraged trending technologies such as AI to show you the top 5 profiles for what you are looking for based on the specifications you provide such as salary, experience, skills, and location.

  • Connect with candidates on app

One of the things which may be needed during both hiring and managing is connecting with the workforce to discuss the necessary things. You can voice call with the workers during the hiring process and or post booking on our app itself.

  • Quick hire and manual hire

Because time is money, our team has developed the option for you to be able to do a quick hire. Now what is that? To give you a brief, quick hire is where you can share your job requirements and then our system will send booking requests to the most qualified candidates available. Having said that, you may also use manual hire if you want to actually review each profile and then send booking requests.

See video for more details on this -

  • Managing jobs post booking

An equally important business operation as hiring is of course managing the employees for the particular job(s). On our app, you can easily manage the whole life cycle of the job from the time you send the booking request to when the job is ongoing and then when the job is completed. All of this can be achieved through My Bookings section once you log in.

The Road Ahead

For AayWorks, the services that are currently being offered to businesses like yours is only a beginning. The team plans on rolling out additional and or improvised services such as tracking attendance, filters during search and more that would make the hiring and managing process even easier. Also, as mentioned earlier, we will be expanding to more cities in India in the coming time.

We encourage you to download the app and start hiring if you haven’t already to see how AayWorks can help you grow.

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